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Northern District of Texas

David C. Godbey, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Pro Hac Vice Appearance

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If you are not admitted to practice in the Northern District of Texas, you may represent a party in proceedings in this district only by permission of the presiding judge. An exception has been granted for an attorney appearing on behalf of the United States Justice Department (see LR 83.11 and LCrR 57.11). See also Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Rule 2.1(c) and 2 U.S. Code § 5571.

To seek permission of the presiding judge, you may

With either method of filing you must attach the required original Certificate of Good Standing issued within the past 90 days from the attorney licensing authority in a state in which you are admitted to practice (e.g., State Bar of Texas). The presiding judge will decide whether to grant permission to proceed pro hac vice. If permission is granted, it will be for one case only. You must apply, pay the fee, and obtain permission from the presiding judge for each case in which you want to represent a party pro hac vice. If admitted pro hac vice, you become subject to the rules of the Northern District of Texas.

If your application is approved and you have not yet registered for electronic filing, please be advised that LR 5.1(f) and LCrR 49.2(g) require you to do so within 14 days of your appearance in any case.