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Northern District of Texas

David C. Godbey, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Jury Service

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NOTE: If you are scheduled to report on the following business day and need to reach a jury clerk, please email us

Reporting Instructions


Welcome to the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas. Jurors play a vital role in ensuring that justice is carried out fairly and impartially. 

Under 28 U.S.C. § 1861, all litigants "have the right to grand and petit jurors selected at random from a fair cross-section of the community." The court’s selection process ensures the mathematical odds of any single name being picked for service are substantially equal during each of the two steps explained below:

  1. Every two years, a new master jury wheel is created by randomly selecting names from a source list that combines registered voters and licensed drivers in the 100 counties that comprise the Northern District of Texas. Periodically, names are randomly drawn from it to receive a request, that requires completion of a Juror Qualification Questionnaire. The names of those legally qualified are then put in the qualified wheel for potential summoning.
  2. When needed, names are randomly drawn from the qualified wheel to receive a Summons, which requires a juror to complete a Jury Information Form and be available for service during a prescribed jury duty period. If you are summoned, you are “on call” during the period and must call to retrieve a recorded message that will either instruct you to report the following business day or call back the next day for further instructions.  

The eJuror system efficiently collects your required responses to a questionnaire or summons. While our website does not include a security certificate, your personal data is NOT collected through it. Your data is entered into the eJuror system, which is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the leading protocol for safe data transfer over the Internet. 

IF YOU RECEIVED A REQUEST TO COMPLETE A QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE, click here to complete it using eJuror. Questions? Call our questionnaire helpline at 844-707-3817.

eJuror Tip: If you provide your email address, you will receive helpful reminders regarding your service if you are later summoned. We do not use your contact information for any other purpose. 

IF YOU RECEIVED A SUMMONS TO APPEAR FOR JURY DUTY, click here to complete the Jury Information Form using eJuror. Questions? Click here and choose the division under the Locations menu. (Please note that if you intend to submit an online request to be excused or postponed, you must access eJuror twice – first to complete the Jury Information Form, and a second time to submit your request.)

We encourage you to respond online, but if you use the postage-paid return envelope we provide, and it is addressed to a different division in our district than the one in which you live, your responses will be properly recorded.