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Northern District of Texas

David C. Godbey, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Our Mission

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The United States District Clerk's Office for the Northern District of Texas provides professional administrative and operational support to enable the Court to fairly and impartially administer justice within the jurisdiction conferred by the Constitution and Congress.

Our Core Values: In discharging the duties of the United States District Clerk's office, each employee will:

  • Treat others with courtesy, fairness, and dignity;
  • Adhere to applicable statutes, rules, and Judicial Conference policy; and
  • Communicate honestly and respectfully.

Our Goals:  The three overarching goals of the United States District Clerk’s Office are:

  1. Service - Employees of the United States District Clerk’s Office for the Northern District of Texas will focus resources and efforts on providing excellent customer service to meet the needs of judges, lawyers, litigants, jurors, and the general public. We will constantly strive to discharge all of our responsibilities in the most timely, effective, and courteous manner possible. We will communicate and exchange ideas with those we serve to determine desired services, and we will deliver results.
  2. Stewardship - Employees of the United States District Clerk’s Office for the Northern District of Texas will be good stewards of public funds and resources and will adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in carrying out the mission of the clerk’s office. We will continually seek ways to conduct business more efficiently without sacrificing quality or weakening internal controls.
  3. Leadership - Employees of the United States District Clerk’s Office are accountable for achieving the goals of the office. We will implement effective human capital management to achieve a well-trained and productive workforce consisting of employees who have all the requisite competencies to be successful in the judiciary. Competencies such as decisive judgment, functional acumen, adapting to change, respecting diversity, resilience, and effective communication will be required of each employee. We will also foster an environment of innovation, collaboration, teamwork, and continuous learning to meet the judiciary’s changing needs.