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Northern District of Texas

David C. Godbey, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Chapter IX. Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcript

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To order a transcript, follow these procedures using CJA eVoucher.

  1. Create an AUTH 24 in eVoucher. Create a separate AUTH 24 for each court reporter. 
  2. Click “submit” to transmit the completed AUTH 24 to the clerk of court.

The clerk of court transmits the AUTH 24 in eVoucher to the judge's chambers. If the AUTH 24 is approved, the judge's chambers will transmit it back to the clerk, who creates a CJA 24 voucher in eVoucher for each court reporter. The clerk transmits the CJA 24 voucher in eVoucher to the appropriate court reporter, who produces the transcript, completes the payment information in eVoucher, and then transmits the CJA 24 back to the clerk. The clerk audits the CJA 24 voucher before transmitting to chambers for the presiding judge's signature. The signed CJA 24 voucher is then transmitted to the CJA Attorney Advisor for final certification before payment.

In multi-defendant cases, only one transcript should be purchased from the court reporter on behalf of CJA defendants. One of the appointed counsel or clerk of court should arrange for digital copies, at commercially competitive rates, for each CJA defendant for whom a transcript has been approved. The cost of copies will be charged to the CJA appropriation. This policy does not preclude the court reporter from providing copies at a commercially competitive rate.


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