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Northern District of Texas

Barbara M.G. Lynn, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Increases in the CJA Hourly Rates and Case Compensation Maximums

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Rates for Counsel:

The hourly rates for CJA appointed counsel have been increased to $148 (non-capital) and $190 (capital).

Accordingly, the non-capital case compensation maximums have increased as follows:

$11,500 (previously $10,900) for a felony,
$8,200 (previously $7,800) for an appeal,
$3,300 (previously $3,100) for a misdemeanor, and
$2,500 (previously $2,300) for other (e.g., supervised release, material witness)

The compensation thresholds that trigger Fifth Circuit review in capital cases have not changed.


Rates for Service Providers:

The case compensation maximum for investigative, expert, or other services without prior authorization is $900 (up from $800). This limitation applies to the total compensation, excluding expenses, for all services combined in both non-capital and capital cases.

The case compensation maximum with prior authorization in non-capital cases is $2,600 (up from $2,500). The $2,600 maximum, which excludes expenses, applies to each individual service provider.

The case maximum with prior authorization in capital representations has not changed. See 18 U.S.C. § 3599(g)(2).


Effective Date:

These changes apply to a voucher if CJA-compensable work was furnished on or after February 15, 2019.