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Northern District of Texas

Barbara M.G. Lynn, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Changes to CJA Plan (Misc. Order #3)

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The CJA Plan (Misc. Order #3) has been revised, effective August 16, 2021. There are four major changes:

  1. A Mentor Program is established to identify and prepare viable candidates for consideration of appointment to the CJA Panel. Section VIII.C (pp. 11 – 13)
  2. At the request of a CJA Panel member, the CJA Committee may review any voucher reduction and make a recommendation to the presiding judge. Section VIII.B.6.b (p. 11).
  3. Except in cases involving mathematical corrections or work that is clearly clerical, appointed counsel should be given notice and an opportunity to be heard before a voucher is reduced by more than 1 hour of time. Section XII.B.5 (p. 18).
  4. The appointment provisions for § 2254 death penalty counsel require the FPD to move for the appointment of counsel no later than 15 days after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals’ state-habeas ruling becomes final. Section XIV.F.2 (p. 25).