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Northern District of Texas

Barbara M.G. Lynn, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Court Advisory Committee Members

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Name Area of Practice City
Alix D. Allison Oil and Gas Litigation Fort Worth
Stephen Boyd General Civil Litigation/Mediation Dallas
David Broiles Administrative and Constitutional Law Fort Worth
Kelly Chen Commercial and Intellectual Property Litigation Dallas
Joe Cleveland Commercial and Intellectual Property Litigation Fort Worth
Lawrence M. Doss Civil Litigation/Appellate Lubbock
David M. Guinn, Jr. Criminal Defense Lubbock
Jason Hawkins Federal Public Defender's Office Northern District of Texas
John Helms, Jr. Commercial Litigation and Criminal Defense Dallas
J. Scott Hogan U.S. Attorney's Office Dallas
Jon Mark Hogg Employment Litigation San Angelo
Meredith L. Kennedy Wichita County District Attorney's Office Wichita Falls
Nolan C. Knight Civil Litigation Dallas
Alex Lewis U.S. Attorney's Office Fort Worth
Mitzi S. Mayfield General Civil Litigation Amarillo
John McDowell Patent Litigation Dallas
John Proctor Civil Trial Law Fort Worth
Jeffrey A. Propst Criminal Defense Abilene
J. Warren St. John Criminal Defense Fort Worth
Britta E. Stanton Trial Strategy Dallas
Cort Thomas General Civil Litigation Dallas
Kelly Utsinger Employment Litigation Amarillo
Cheryl Wattley Professor of Law Dallas
Elisabeth Wilson Commercial Litigation Dallas