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Every year, pro se plaintiffs file civil lawsuits in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas seeking relief in a variety of matters. A judge may decide to grant an indigent pro se civil litigant’s motion for the appointment of counsel in an appropriate case.

An attorney appointed to a pro se civil case may apply for reimbursement of certain expenses and fees under the Court's Plan for Reimbursement of Attorney Expenses in Civil Cases (Miscellaneous Order No. 16). This plan allows reimbursement of documented expenses up to $3,500 and payment of attorneys fees up to $1,000.

In 1997, the Dallas division of the Northern District of Texas established a small panel of attorneys willing to accept pro bono appointments in civil rights cases. In 2011, an ad hoc committee revamped the panel, renaming it the Pro Bono Civil Panel (“PBCP”) and expanding it to include other civil case types. It is now easier for attorneys to volunteer, to be appointed, and to seek reimbursement of allowable expenses.

The PBCP is currently comprised of 22 local law firms and numerous individual attorneys. The PBCP’s goals are to provide quality pro bono legal representation for indigent, pro se civil litigants and to expand opportunities for young lawyers to gain valuable experience, including litigation experience.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to volunteer for the PBCP. Register today using the registration link below. Please mail your completed form to:

Pro Bono Civil Panel
United States District Court
1100 Commerce, Room 1452
Dallas, TX 75242-1003