Judges - District Judge Ed Kinkeade


General Information

1100 Commerce Street
Room 1625
Dallas, Texas 75242-1003

Courtroom 1627

Chambers: 214-753-2720
Judicial Assistant: Cheri Leatherwood
Courtroom Deputy: Ronnie Jacobson 214-753-2166
Court Reporter: Todd Anderson - 214-753-2170

Case Letter Designation: (K)


District Judge Ed Kinkeade
Birth: 1951
Year Service Began: 2002
Appointed by: President George W. Bush
Education: Baylor University (B.A. 1973), Baylor University School of Law (J.D. 1974)
Legal Practice: Associate, Dennis G. Brewer, Inc., 1974-1975; Partner, Power & Kinkeade, 1975-1980
Government: Justice, Texas Court of Appeals, Fifth District, 1988-2002; Judge, Texas District Court, 194th Judicial District, Dallas, TX, 1981-1988; Judge, County Criminal Court No. 10, Dallas County, Dallas, TX, 1981.
Academic: Former Adjunct Professor of Law, Texas Wesleyan University (now Texas A&M University School of Law) Jurist-in-Resident, Baylor University School of Law