Judges - District Judge Jane Boyle



NOTICE: Judge Boyle requires attorneys in all cases filed in her court to comply with the Northern District of Texas' Electronic Case Filing Procedures.

PATENT CASES: See new Miscellaneous Order No. 62


General Information

1100 Commerce Street
Room 1520
Dallas, Texas 75242-1003

Courtroom: 1516

Chambers: 214-753-2740 / FAX: 214-753-2744
Courtroom Deputy: Jenelle Wilson 214-753-2740
E-Mail: Boyle_Clerk@txnd.uscourts.gov
Court Reporter: Shawnie Archuleta 214-753-2747

Case Letter Designation: (B)

District Judge Jane Boyle
Birth: 1954
Year Service Began: 2004
Appointed by: President George W. Bush
Education: University of Texas at Austin (with Honors) 1977 BS; Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law 1981 JD
Legal Practice:

Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County, Texas - Trial Section
1981-1985, Chief Felony Prosecutor for the Major Commercial Fraud Unit, Specialized Crime Division 1985-1987; Assistant U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Texas - Criminal Section 1987-1989, Civil Section 1989-1990; United States Attorney, Northern District of Texas 2002-2004

Judicial: United States Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, 1990-2002
Current Memberships: Fifth Circuit District Judges Association; State Bar of Texas; Texas Bar Foundation; Fellow; Dallas Bar Association; Federal Judges Association



To Attorneys in ALL cases pending before Judge Boyle:


Judge Boyle is requiring that ALL cases pending and/or filed in her court, including those involving pro se and prisoner litigants, be enrolled in the Electronic Filing System (CM/ECF). Only licensed attorneys may file electronically, thus even though cases involving pro se parties (including prisoners) will be enrolled in the CM/ECF System, non-attorneys will not be permitted to register or file electronically. Attorneys in all affected cases will receive an order describing the procedures for attorneys to follow in making the transition to the CM/ECF System.

CM/ECF is the federal courts' case management and electronic case files system. It provides courts enhanced and updated docket management. It allows courts to maintain case documents in electronic form. And it gives each court the option of permitting case documents — pleadings, motions, petitions — to be filed with the court over the Internet. (U. S. Courts website at http://www.uscourts.gov/cmecf/cmecf.html).

Attorneys practicing in courts offering this electronic filing capability are able to file documents directly with the court over the Internet at any time from any location. For more information on the benefits to attorneys using the CM/ECF system, go to the U.S. Courts’ internet website at http://www.uscourts.gov/cmecf/cmecf.html and click on “Video: The Attorneys’ Perspective.” Information regarding the operation of the CM/ECF system in the Northern District of Texas is available on the website for the U.S. Courts for the Northern District of Texas at: http://www.txnd.uscourts.gov/filing/ecf.html

Questions should be directed to the ECF Help Desk at 214-753-2633.