Rules - Local Rules



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1.1 Definitions
3.1 Filing Complaint by Electronic Means
3.2 Filing Complaint on Paper
3.3 Filing Complaint in Related Case; Notice of Related Case
4.1 Proof of Service or of Waiver of Service
4.2 Marshal's Fees [Repealed 9-1-04]
5.1 Filing and Serving Pleadings, Motions, or Other Papers
5.2 Filing Discovery Materials [LR 5.2a and LR 5.2b Repealed 12-1-00]
5.3 Prisoner's Civil Rights Complaints
5.4 Post-Conviction Relief
6.1 Time Deemed Filed
7.1 Motion Practice
7.2 Briefs
7.3 Confirmation of Informal Leave of Court
7.4 Certificate of Interested Persons
9.1 Social Security and Black Lung Cases
10.1 Required Form
11.1 Electronic Signature
12.1 Motion for More Definite Statement [Repealed 9-01-06]
15.1 Motions to Amend
16.1 Exemptions from Pretrial Scheduling and Management
16.2 Authority of Magistrate Judges as to Scheduling Orders
16.3 Settlement
16.4 Pretrial Order
23.1 Complaint
23.2 Motion for Certification; Briefs
23.3 Class Notice Responses
26.1 Initial Disclosures Not Required [Repealed 12-1-00]
26.2 Exchanging Exhibits, Exhibit Lists, and Witness Lists; Designating Deposition Excerpts
40.1 Motion for Continuance
41.1 Order of Dismissal [Repealed]
42.1 Motions to Consolidate
47.1 Contact with Jurors
51.1 Requested Jury Charge [Repealed 12-1-03]
52.1 Proposed Findings in Nonjury Cases
53.1 Briefing Practice for Objections and Motions Concerning Orders, Reports, and Recommendations of Masters
54.1 Time for Filing Bill of Costs
55.1 Failure to Obtain Default Judgment
55.2 Default Judgments by the United States [Repealed 9-1-11]
55.3 Request for Entry of Default by Clerk
56.1 Motion Practice Not Modified Generally
56.2 Limits on Time for Filing and Number of Motions
56.3 Content of Motion
56.4 Content of Response
56.5 Requirement of Brief; Brief Requirements
56.6 Requirement of Appendix; Appendix Requirements
56.7 Limit on Supplemental Materials
58.1 Proposed Judgments
62.1 Supersedeas Bond
67.1 Deposit of Money in Court Registry [Repealed 09-2-14]
71A.1 Condemnation of Property
72.1 Briefing Practice Concerning Objections to Magistrate Judge Orders in Nondispositive Matters
72.2 Briefing Practice Concerning Objections to Magistrate Judge Recommendations on Dispositive Motions and Prisoner Petitions
77.1 Notice of Orders and Judgments
79.1 Case Files
79.2 Disposition of Exhibits
79.3 Sealed Documents
79.4 Disposition of Sealed Documents
80.1 Court Reporter's Fees [Repealed 9-1-04]
81.1 Required Form of Documents to be Filed Upon Removal
81.2 Certificate of Interested Persons
83.1 Application of Rules by a Presiding Judge
83.2 Miscellaneous and Special Orders
83.3 Assignment of Cases
83.4 Conduct of Attorneys at Trial or Hearing
83.5 Clerk's Fees [Repealed 9-1-04]
83.6 Applications to Proceed In Forma Pauperis
83.7 Admission of Attorneys
83.8 Loss of Membership and Discipline of Attorneys
83.9 Attorneys Not Admitted to Practice Before this Court
83.10 Requirement of Local Counsel
83.11 Exemption from Admission to Practice, and from Requirement of Local Counsel, for Attorneys Appearing on Behalf of the United States Justice Department or the Attorney General of the State of Texas
83.12 Withdrawal of Attorney
83.13 Change of Contact Information
83.14 Parties Proceeding Pro Se
83.15 Attorney as a Witness [Repealed 9-1-04]
83.16 Dress and Conduct
83.17 Weapons Forbidden

Photographs, Broadcasting, Recording, and Television Forbidden