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Northern District of Texas

Barbara M.G. Lynn, Chief Judge
Karen Mitchell, Clerk of Court

Chief District Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn
Judicial Assistant: Judy Flowers 214-753-2420
Courtroom Deputy: Amanda Robinson 214-753-2421
Court Reporter: Debbie Kriegshauser 214-753-2325

District Judge Sam A. Lindsay
Judicial Assistant: Michelle Goode 214-753-2365
Courtroom Deputy: Tannica Stewart 214-753-2368
Court Reporter: Charyse Crawford 214-753-2373

District Judge David C. Godbey
Judicial Assistant: Donna Hocker Beyer 214-753-2700
Courtroom Deputy: Carla Moore 214-753-2706
Court Reporter: Shawn McRoberts 214-753-2349

District Judge Ed Kinkeade
Judicial Assistant: Cheri Leatherwood 214-753-2720
Courtroom Deputy: Ronnie Jacobson 214-753-2166
Court Reporter: Todd Anderson 214-753-2170

District Judge Jane J. Boyle
Chambers: 214-753-2740
Courtroom Deputy: Jenelle Wilson 214-753-2748
Court Reporter: Shawnie Archuleta 214-753-2747

District Judge Reed O'Connor
Courtroom Deputy: Tyler Crowley 817-850-6788
Court Reporter: Denver Roden 214-753-2298

District Judge Karen Gren Scholer
Chambers: 214-753-2342
Courtroom Deputy: Adam Bourgeois 214-753-2291
Court Reporter: Thu (“Tutti”) Bui 214-753-2354

District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk
Chambers: 806-468-3830
Courtroom Deputy: Victoria Shresbury 806-468-3822
Court Reporter: Stacey Morrison 806-672-6219
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District Judge Mark T. Pittman
Chambers: 817-850-6656
Courtroom Deputy: Haley Milam 817-850-6683

District Judge James Wesley Hendrix
Courtroom Deputy: Criss Flock 806-472-1925
Court Reporter: Mechelle Daniel 806-744-7667

District Judge Brantley Starr
Courtroom Deputy: Kevin Frye 214-753-2346


District Judge Ada Brown
Judicial Assistant: Cynthia Thornton 214-753-2360
Courtroom Deputy: Erica Monk 214-753-2683

Senior District Judge A. Joe Fish
Judicial Assistant: 214-753-2310

Senior District Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater
Chambers: 214-753-2333
Courtroom Deputy: Pat Esquivel 214-753-2336
Court Reporter (Dallas): Pam Wilson 214-662-1557
Court Reporter (Amarillo): Stacy Morrison 806-672-6219
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Senior District Judge Sam R. Cummings
Judicial Assistant: Shirley Hartman 806-472-1922

Senior District Judge John H. McBryde
Judicial Assistant: Diane Terry 817-850-6650
Courtroom Deputy: Fleather Arnold 817-850-6659
Court Reporter: Debbie Saenz 817-850-6661

Senior District Judge Terry R. Means
Judicial Assistant: Michelle Moon 817-850-6670
Court Reporter: Ana Warren 817-850-6681