Rules - Local Rules



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1.1 Definitions
16.1 Exchanging Exhibits, Exhibit Lists, and Witness Lists
23.1 Proposed Findings in Nonjury Cases
24.1 Contact with Jurors
30.1 Requested Jury Change
32.1 Nondisclosure of Recommendation
45.1 Time Deemed Filed
47.1 Motion Practice
47.2 Briefs
47.3 Confirmation of Informal Leave of Court
49.1 Filing Criminal Cases
49.2 Filing and Serving Pleadings, Motions, or Other Papers
49.3 Required Form
49.4 Notice of Orders and Judgments
49.5 Electronic Signature
49.6 Requirement of Paper Copies of Certain Electronically-Filed Documents
53.1 Photographs, Broadcasting, Recording, and Television Forbidden
53.2 Dress and Conduct
53.3 Weapons Forbidden
55.1 Case Files
55.2 Disposition of Exhibits
55.3 Sealed Documents
55.4 Disposition of Sealed Documents
57.1 Application of Rules by a Presiding Judge
57.2 Miscellaneous and Special Orders
57.3 Assignment of Cases
57.4 Conduct of Attorneys at Trial or Hearing
57.5 Clerk's Fees [Repealed 9-1-04]
57.6 Court Reporter's Fees [Repealed 9-1-04]
57.7 Admission of Attorneys


Loss of Membership and Discipline of Attorneys [LCrR 57.8c Repealed 9-1-04]
57.9 Attorneys Not Admitted to Practice Before this Court
57.10 Requirement of Local Counsel
57.11 Exemption from Admission to Practice, and from Requirement of Local Counsel, for Attorneys on Behalf of the United States Justice Department or the Attorney General of the State of Texas
57.12 Withdrawal of Attorney
57.13 Change of Contact Information
57.14 Parties Proceeding Pro Se
57.15 Attorney as a Witness [Repealed 9-1-04]
58.1 Procedure Governed by Miscellaneous Order
59.1 Briefing Practice Concerning Objections to Magistrate Judge Orders in Nondispositive Matters
59.2 Briefing Practice Concerning Objections to Magistrate Judge Recommendations on Dispositive Motions