Court Records - Case Files

  Procedures for Requesting Case Files

Each division maintains its own case files. Documents may be viewed and/or copied in our office. To locate a case number or party name for cases filed since 1990 in the Northern District of Texas, you may search on a public terminal for pending or archived cases in any divisional office.

Cases opened before 1990 may only be searched through microfiche records by party name. Each division has a set of microfiche for the entire district for cases opened from 1981 through 1990. These party microfiche records are categorized by the type of case (civil, criminal, miscellaneous) and by division. You may have to search several sheets of microfiche if you know only the party’s name but not the division or case type. Each division has a set of party microfiche for its own cases for cases opened from 1957 through 1981.

If you would like the Clerk’s Office to perform a name search, please send a request in writing with a check in the amount of $30.00 (made payable to ‘Clerk, U.S. District Court’). We will need to know the party’s name. Any information about the case number, year or division where the case was filed will be helpful. You may mail your request to any divisional office. Searches go back ten years, unless otherwise requested.

If you need to view or copy a case file that has been archived, the Clerk’s Office will give you necessary information to contact the Federal Records Center (FRC) in Fort Worth (817/831-5620). Please see Federal Records Center information. You may make an appointment with the FRC to view a file or ask to have a pleading faxed or mailed to you. You may also have the Clerk's Office request the file for viewing (please see Fee Schedule for the applicable fee).