Jury Information - Wichita Falls













The Federal Courthouse is located at 1000 Lamar Street (on the Southwest Corner of 10th and Lamar)

If Traveling . . .

South on Hwy 287/I-44: Take Abilene exit, remain on Holliday Street, turn left on 10th Street and proceed to Lamar

North on Hwy 287: Take Business Exit, turn right on 10th Street and proceed to Lamar

East on Hwy 82 (Kell Blvd): Turn left on Broad Street (Hwy 287 North) then right onto 10th Street

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Persons summoned for jury service in the Wichita Falls Division may park in any legal parking spot near the building where the court is located. Any parking tickets incurred by jurors during the term of court should be forwarded to the Deputy Clerk In Charge of the Wichita Falls Division to obtain a waiver from the municipal court.









Attendance Fee and Reimbursements

You are paid a $40.00 attendance fee for each day you report for your assigned jury duty. You may not be paid if you appear and request to be excused for reasons which were well known to you at the time you completed the pre-screening questionnaire. Federal government employees will not be paid the $40.00 attendance fee. Regardless of the type of transportation you use (e.g., personal automobile, bus, train), you will be given a travel allowance of the (current mileage rate) per mile round trip from your home to the Federal building US Post Office and Courthouse. You will receive your jury fee check within three to four weeks after your completion of service.