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The Eldon B. Mahon US Courthouse is located at 501 W. 10th Street. The front entrance faces Lamar Street.

If you are traveling:

East on I-30: Take Cherry St. exit, right on Texas, left on Taylor, left on 10th

West on I30: Take Lancaster St. exit, then right on Taylor, left on 10th

North on I-35W: Take Lancaster St. exit, left on Lancaster, right on Taylor, left on 10th

South on I-35W: Exit Spur 280 downtown, veer left to 6th St., left on Lamar to 10th

North on Hwy. 287: Exit I-30 West, take Lancaster St. exit, right on Taylor, left on 10th

South on Hwy. 287: Take Hwy. I-35W South. Exit Spur 280 downtown, veer left to 6th St., left on Lamar to 10th

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There are several public parking lots near the Courthouse. You will be reimbursed for parking expenses at the conclusion of your term of service. Click here to download the Parking Reimbursement Form. There is no FREE parking. The maximum amount allowed for parking reimbursement is $10.00 per day. Please do not park in the Federal Parking Garage, the church lot to the south of the courthouse, or any other reserved parking lot. If you do your car may be towed. Also, please do not use a parking meter. The District Clerk's office is not responsible for parking tickets or car towing.

Please have change available for parking.









The T (Fort Worth Transit Authority)

The "T" has bus routes that stop near the Eldon B. Mahon Courthouse. Please contact the "T" at (817) 215-8600 or www.the-t.com for scheduled times, routes, and fare information.









Attendance Fee and Reimbursements

You are paid a $40.00 attendance fee for each day you report for your assigned jury duty. You may not be paid if you appear and request to be excused for reasons which were well known to you at the time you completed the pre-screening questionnaire. Federal government employees will not be reimbursed the $40.00 attendance fee. Regardless of the type of transportation you use (e.g., personal automobile, bus, train), you will be given a travel allowance of the (current mileage rate) per mile round trip from your home to the Federal building US Post Office and Courthouse. In addition if you drive you will be reimbursed a maximum of $10.00 a day for parking. You must complete a parking form and turn it in to the jury clerk in order to be reimbursed for your parking expense. You will receive your jury fee check within three to four weeks after your completion of service.