Judges - District Judge Mary Lou Robinson

Requirements for District Judge Mary Lou Robinson
(Updated January 1, 2012)


Copies of Electronically Filed Documents

Judge Robinson requires a judge's copy of any filing more than 25 pages in length.

Dress Code


Attorneys are required to wear standard business attire.  For men, this includes a coat and tie.  For women, it includes tailored suits and tailored dresses.  Slacks are acceptable if part of a tailored pantsuit.  Slacks or skirts with a blouse or sweater, but without a jacket, are not acceptable.  Extremely short skirts are not acceptable for either attorneys or their assistants.

Jurors, Witnesses and Spectators:

Jurors, witnesses and spectators should dress appropriately for the courtroom.  Shorts of any kind, skorts, tanktops, halter tops, and revealing attire of any sort are not acceptable.

General Order Regarding the Use of Interpreters in Crimincal Cases Filed in the Amarillo Division