Judges - District Judge Mary Lou Robinson

Requirements for District Judge Mary Lou Robinson
(Updated January 1, 2012)


Copies of Electronically Filed Documents

Judge Robinson requires a judge's copy of any filing more than 25 pages in length.

Dress Code


Attorneys are required to wear standard business attire.  For men, this includes a coat and tie.  For women, it includes tailored suits and tailored dresses.  Slacks are acceptable if part of a tailored pantsuit.  Slacks or skirts with a blouse or sweater, but without a jacket, are not acceptable.  Extremely short skirts are not acceptable for either attorneys or their assistants.

Jurors, Witnesses and Spectators:

Jurors, witnesses and spectators should dress appropriately for the courtroom.  Shorts of any kind, skorts, tanktops, halter tops, and revealing attire of any sort are not acceptable.