Judges - District Judge David C. Godbey

Requirements for District Judge David C. Godbey
(Updated April 23, 2015)

Judge Godbey does not require a judge's copy for documents filed by electronic means.

Protective Order:

Parties desiring entry of a protective order under Rule 26(c), except in patent cases, must either (a) request entry of an order in Judge Godbey's standard form (found below, which is derived from this Court's Miscellaneous Order 62) or (b) if entry of a protective order in a different form is requested, the motion must (1) explain why Judge Godbey's standard form is inadequate in the particular circumstances of the case, and (2) include a redlined version of the requested form showing where it differs from Judge Godbey's standard form.

Standard Protective Order in Word format

Standard Protective Order in PDF format