ECF User Registration Form


United States District Court
Northern District of Texas

An ECF user is able to electronically file documents and receive a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) of documents filed in ECF. Logins are issued in accordance with the requirements of the ECF Administrative Procedures Manual. Indicate your qualifying status to register as an ECF user by checking the appropriate box below and, if requested, provide the related case number for verification purposes.

I am a licensed attorney admitted to the bar of the Northern District of Texas.

a) intend to apply for admission pro hac vice;
b) intend to appear in a MDL case (see JPML Rule 2.1(c)); or
c) am exempt from admission to practice pursuant to LR 83.11 or LCrR 57.11

I am a non-prisoner pro se party who has made an appearance as a plaintiff or defendant in civil case number:
(Note: A pro se litigant must file his or her first document in paper prior to requesting a login.)

State of admission (if any): Bar No. (if any):
You may designate up to (3) Secondary E-mail Address(es) to receive a copy of each NEF sent to your Primary
E-mail Address (above):
Secondary E-Mail Address(es):

I consent under Fed. R. Civ. P. 5(b) to accept service electronically via my Primary or Secondary E-mail Address(es).
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