Forms - Attorney Address Change


I have been trying to get my name, business address, telephone/fax number, etc. corrected in the clerk's office computer. My new information is in the signature block of all documents I file with the court. Also, I have written letters and left messages about the change. Why is it taking so long?

LR 83.13 and LCrR 57.13 require an attorney who is an ECF user to update his or her own information using the instructions provided in the ECF Administrative Procedures Manual, and any attorney who is not an ECF user to notify the clerk's office using an approved form. The approved form is the "Federal Bar Membership Update" form, which is also available at any clerk's office. The clerk's office may continue to send orders and judgments to your old address until you comply.

I changed firms and updated my address. I am now getting orders/judgments at my new address on cases I left with the old firm. Why?

An updated address does not serve as notice to the court that you are withdrawing from a case. You remain "attached" to each case on which you were an attorney until/unless you have been allowed to withdraw pursuant to LR 83.12 or LCrR 57.12.

I am not an ECF User, and I submitted a Federal Bar Membership Update form, how long does it take for you to update my address?

Updates are usually completed within one business day of receipt. Please do not send in more than one form.