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Civil Cases

Guide for Filing Notice of Removal

Civil Cover Sheet File the original plus one copy for the press. Please insert county of the first plaintiff. If the United States is the plaintiff, please insert county of the first defendant. The ORIGIN code should be "2" for all removals to the U.S. District Court from a state court.
Supplemental Civil Cover Sheet Attach the supplemental civil cover sheet to the original and copy of the civil cover sheet. The case will be entered on the computer directly from the information provided on this form. It is very important this form be accurate and complete.
Summons No summons is required in a removal case, but if a summons was not issued by state court, it may be issued at this time. If so, one original and one copy per defendant are required.
Notice of Removal File the original plus one copy of a civil cover sheet, supplemental civil cover sheet and Notice of Removal. Attach each document filed in the state court action, except discovery material, to both the original and copy of the Notice of Removal. The documents must be individually tabbed and arranged in chronological order according to the state court file date. A copy of the docket sheet in the state court action must also be attached. The documents must be preceded by an index of all documents that clearly identifies each document and indicates the date the document was filed in state court. The Notice of Removal should bear the U.S. District Court heading and be styled in the same manner as the original state court complaint.
Certificate of Interested Persons See LR 81.1(a).
Service Counsel is responsible for all service regarding the notice of removal and for notification to the state court of the removal action.
Court Fees Please see the Fee Schedule for the current filing fee. If payment is by check, make it payable to "Clerk, U.S. District Court." There are no fees for jury demands, counterclaims, etc.