Filing Information - Filing Procedures


Civil Cases

Guide For Filing Federal Civil Suits

Civil Cover Sheet File the original plus one copy for the press.  (Please insert the county of the first plaintiff.)
Summons File the original plus one for each party to be served.  [Exceptions:  original plus two for Insurance and Highway Commissions and the Secretary of State.]
Complaint File the original plus one copy for the Court (including exhibits) and one copy for each defendant to be served.  Exceptions:
  • If service is to be through the Insurance commission, Highway Commission, or Secretary of State, two copies per defendant are required.  [A $40.00 check is required for each defendant served through the Secretary of State, payable to "Secretary of State," plus $10.00 per defendant if a return of service is desired.
  • If service is to be made on an agent or agency of the U.S. government or the United States of America is named, one copy for the Attorney General and one copy for the United States Attorney's Office plus one copy for each named agency are required.  See Guide for Filing Federal Suits Against the U.S. Government for more information.

NOTE:  All parties must be named in the style of the case on the complaint, notice of removal, or any other pleading initiating a suit; "et al." is not acceptable.

Certificate of Interested Persons File the original plus one copy for the Court.  See LR 3.1(f).
Service See Amended Rule 4, F.R.Civ.P.  the U.S. Marshal no longer serves summonses except for process served on behalf of the government, by order of the Court, and in forma pauperis cases.
Court  Fees

Please see the Fee Schedule for a list of court fees.

Make checks payable to "Clerk, U.S. District Court."  There are no fees for jury demands, counterclaims, etc.

Notice of Removal File the original plus one copy of the civil cover sheet, supplemental civil cover REMOVAL sheet, and Notice of Removal.  Each document filed in the state court action, except discovery material, must be attached to both the original and copy of the Notice of Removal.  The documents must be individually tabbed and arranged in chronological order according to the state court file date.  The documents must be preceded by an index of all documents that clear identifies each document and indicates the date the document was filed in state court.  A copy of the docket sheet in the state court action is also required.
  See Guide for Filing Notice of Removal and LR 81.1 for more information.